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Hay Listings

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Please be careful in your transactions.

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Listing posted from 6/18/2014 through 6/18/2015.

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Listing posted from 1/31/2014 through 1/31/2015.

Ken and Mary Brammer Ashland, MT (406) 784-6566
2013 season 1st, 2nd and now 3rd cutting available: 286 bales alfalfa hay w/RFV 166-190, 115 bales alf/grass hay w/RFV 122, 300 bales grass/alf hay (75/25) w/CP 9.9-11.3%, 100 bales utility grade cow hay - weedy edges of alf/grass pivots, 40 bales bright barley straw, now working on 3rd cutting of grass/alf mix. Do have several hundred acres dryland grass that can be baled up for feeder cows upon request. Prices generally $100/bale for good hay, $60/bale for utility grade, but discounts given for large lots and we are always open to offers. Avg bale weight = 1200#

Listing posted from 9/21/2013 through 10/21/2013.

Ryan Deskins Billings, MT 4064590407
Have several types of hay available, Premium straight Round up Ready alfalfa in rounds, Grass/alfalfa 60/40 in round, lower quality round bales mostly grass. I have hay in 3 places. MT, ND and Canada. We have large producer network tell me what you are looking for and we will get it for you. Also provide custom hauling. Thanks Ryan

Listing posted from 8/1/2013 through 9/1/2013.

Hildebrand joliet, MT 406-860-8520
various types of grass and multiple cuttings of alfalfa in rounds and large squares deliverey available

Listing posted from 8/22/2013 through 11/22/2013.

jason klempel lambert, MT 406-480-0828
400 tons of hay for sale mixed alfalfa/grass 1200# round bales all net wraped

Listing posted from 8/11/2013 through 8/11/2014.

Ed Lynes lewistown, MT 406 538 8820
Small sq. alf/grass hay 70lb bales will load truck contact Ed 406 538 8820

Listing posted from 11/7/2013 through 11/21/2013.

Paul Mosby, MT 817-891-2145
Alfalfa/Barley IRRIGATED round bales of hay.Bales are avg 1600 lbs each. 80% Alfalfa 20% Barley. RFV 150 or above. Will have test results week of the 5th...Call Paul 817-891-2145

Listing posted from 7/31/2013 through 8/31/2013.

Ross Ritter Stanford, MT 406-380-0973
1000 Tons of 1350 lb net wrapped round bale 11 protein $75 a ton at farm

Listing posted from 12/19/2013 through 1/19/2014.

Philip Tummarello Mountain View Farm Stevensville, MT 406
Superior quality horse/dairy hay: 45 tons A&O poly twine small squares average 65lbs. Tested: CP 22% TDN 77% RFV 247. NO RAIN-I am a grower not a broker. Next cutting 10-14 days depending on weather. Will provide phone number to serious inquiries only.

Listing posted from 7/28/2013 through 8/28/2013.

Lionel Flynn Wolf Point, MT 406-650-8308
First, Second, and third cuttings of alfalfa, alfalfa-grass, all tested 150-190 rfv. 21.5-23 protien

Listing posted from 11/6/2013 through 12/6/2013.

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