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Hay Listings

Did you know there are hay scams?
Please be careful in your transactions.

jeremy combs Allegan, MI 2693551199
willing to work your hay field for free picking up hay out of field for trade of some squarebails

Listing posted from 6/12/2013 through 6/12/2014.

kevin and stephanie wall athens, MI 269-578-6384
we are in need of grass hay or grass hay mix with very little alfalfa as our horses are not used to alot of alfalfa. we would like to buy 4 to 6 round bales or eqivalent squares every two weeks throughout the intire winter to keep our rescues fed and weight healthy. our budget allows per round bail approx 50.00 to 65.00 a round bale or if cheaper would be great. or 4.00 to 5.00 a square bail. please no weeds that can make a horse sick or very weedy stemmy hay.

Listing posted from 11/13/2012 through 11/13/2013.

jeff loveland bellaire, MI 734-858-8676
Looking for someone to cut n bale 35 acres of hay in bellaire michigan,antrim county. Son share/fee

Listing posted from 6/23/2014 through 7/7/2014.

dan buckley, MI
need 4 semi loads hay ..rounds or big squares delivered

Listing posted from 3/27/2013 through 6/27/2013.

druglord detriot, MI 908-280-5740
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Listing posted from 7/7/2014 through 7/7/2015.

Mark Peteler Ewen,, MI 815-861-0553
Hay farmer wanted to cut and bale about 20 acres of grass horse hay. Located in the UP of Michigan

Listing posted from 10/2/2013 through 10/16/2013.

DucknDodge 5k Mud Adventure Run Grand Junction / South Haven, MI 6162042026
We are 100% volunteer, 100% charity 5k mud adventure run coming to W. Michigan in 2014 to help orphans and youth locally and around the world. We are in need of round straw bales for an obstacle called "What the Hay?" :) These do not need to be high quality bales! Looking for a partnership in exchange for extensive local promotional campaign. Could be full donation, partial, discounted, etc. Please contact us for more information. Thanks! :)

Listing posted from 4/9/2014 through 7/9/2014.

B. Mata Leslie, MI 517-795-7122
Looking to buy alfalfa/grass for beef cattle. Large round bales preferred.

Listing posted from 7/22/2012 through 7/22/2013.

Tony Manistee, MI 2317301083
Looking for standing alfalfa- alfalfa-mix hay to do on shares, per acre, or per bale. Any location in Michigan.

Listing posted from 6/23/2013 through 7/23/2013.

Loving arms rescue ranch equine rescue milan , MI
The rescue needs hay for next winter willing to start stocking up now. Our horses are rescues and we take in rescues to ready for adoption. You can write off your donation as a charitable contribution on your taxes of market value we will need about 800 bales for the winter so any donation is welcome

Listing posted from 5/2/2013 through 7/2/2013.

Queen William Minneapolis-St. Paul, MI
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Listing posted from 11/7/2013 through 1/1/2020.

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