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 Subject hay trade to china
 Posted By Tomi Glover
 Date Posted Thursday, January 05, 2012
 E-Mail Tomi.

I live in Bakersfield Ca. In 2011 ,every time I went to buy hay, it had rose in price. After investigating the reason for that, what I learned has really pissed me off . As an American, I feel totally betrayed by government for this hay to china trade deal.I live in the heart of the best alfalfa farm land and cant hardly afford to feed one horse, and are very concerned for our local dairies and ranches. The worst thing is that the exporters and gov know our industrys will be seriouly hurt and even admit that some will shut down. On your browser type " Hay cheaper to ship to China than to central Calif ", a bloomberg report. So this is my question. Does your company support your local industry or are you selling to exporters, and also , who is supposed to be regulating the hay to make sure americas needs are met first. Here in Calif no one seems to care that we dont have any supply of hay . Seems that its more important to meet Chinas needs. How do you feel about all of this?????? Tomi Glover

 Replies Posted
RE: hay trade to china  -  BW Lusk 6/16/2012

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