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Feeding Hay

 Subject WktcYbXOWMCJg
 Posted By Ankita
 Date Posted Saturday, March 10, 2012

LOL, a lawyer who can fight for men? I've got news for you: WOMEN get all the mytpashy and we get all the guilt! There isn't a lawyer in the WORLD who can stop a divorce or will fight to stop it. When my wife filed papers, I called and talked to at least half a dozen lawyers (only because she got one), and I wasn't after money, or property, and didn't have kids, but I wanted to stop this from happening. Turns out, they wanted me to pay them $3k for there's nothing we can do. Don't waste your money, because even Johnny Cochran can't stop a divorce in this f-ed up country! The law protects them and punishes us, even when we are the victim.

 Replies Posted
WktcYbXOWMCJg  -  Ankita 3/10/2012
VCqLYyOSQwbTmOkq  -  Sandeep 3/12/2012

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