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The Hay Barn FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Hay Barn Basics Hay Barn Troubleshooting


Hay Barn Basics


What is the Hay Barn?

The Hay Barn is an online marketplace for everything related to hay. We provide classified advertising for hay, haying equipment, and haying services. In addition, the Hay Barn supports the haying community through its discussion boards and chat room.


Who runs the Hay Barn?

The Hay Barn is run by Leslie and Cain Neal, a married couple residing in Katy, Texas. Leslie started the site in 1996, during a severe drought in southeast Texas, in order to help connect local ranchers with outside hay suppliers. The site proved useful and has continued to grow over the years. Leslie manages the site day-to-day, while Cain provides the technial programming behind the scenes.

If you have any questions or comments about the Hay Barn, you can contact Leslie by e-mail at


How do I get my information listed on the Hay Barn?

It's easy to have your information listed on the Hay Barn. Simply click on the link on the left side of the screen and fill out the form. If you have something hay-related to sell, click on the "Place For Sale Ad" link. If you're wanting to buy, click on the "Place Wanted Ad" link. Once you fill out the form, you will be given a password that you can use to edit your listing later.


How much do the ads cost?

Wanted ads are completely free. We charge a nominal fee for placing "for-sale" ads on the site. For-sale ads are priced as follows:

2 weeks$9
1 to 5 months$12 per month
6 months$45
12 months$70


How do I pay for my ad?

We accept payment by cash, check/money order, and credit card (via Paypal).

DurationCostPay by PayPal
2 weeks$9
1 to 5 months$12 per month
6 months$45
12 months$70

You may pay for your ad by credit card using the links above.
We also accept payment by check/money order.

Send checks/money orders to:

The Hay Barn
565 South Mason Road Suite #197
Katy, TX 77450

You will also be provided with this payment information when you place your ad.


Once my ad is up on the site, can I make changes to it?

Certainly. You can modify all of the information you post in the ad, as well as your contact information and the run dates for the ad. When you post your ad, you will be given a password that you can use to make changes to your ad. Write your password down somewhere safe (or better yet, print out the page that gives you your password), and you can use your password in the future to make changes to your ad.

If you should lose your password, use the link on the left ("Retrieve Password") to have your password sent to your e-mail address. If you have any trouble retreiving your password, feel free to contact us for help.


How do I pay for extending my ad's duration?

You may extend your ad using the same pricing schedule presented above. Send payment by PayPal to or by check to the address given above.


Do you offer discounts?

We do offer a discounted advertising rate for those wanting to post the same ad in multiple states. The general structure is as follows, scaled for the number of states you want to list in:

1 state = 1x rate (normal rate)
5 states = 2x rate
10 states = 3x rate
20+ states = 4x rate

- An ad in 3 states would run 1.5 times the normal rate.
- An ad in 15 states would run 3.5 times the normal rate.
- An ad in 25 states would run 4 times the normal rate.

If you have questions or would like a custom rate quote, contact Leslie Neal by e-mail at


Hay Barn Troubleshooting


What kinds of problems should be reported to the Hay Barn?

We want the site to run perfectly for you, so we encourage you to report any problems you encounter when visiting the Hay Barn. We welcome suggestions on ways that we can improve the site.


An ad was listed here last week but not now. Where did it go?

The classified ads are automatically deleted from our database when they expire. Once an ad expires, we are no longer able to pull it up. If you see an ad you want to return to after its expiration date, we recommend printing a copy of that page.


There are a lot of listings on a page. How can I print just the one I'm interested in?

To print one or just a few listings, use our search page. Enter a word unique to the ad in the search box. If the word is something common, such as "alfalfa", you may also want to select the state or country. This will reduce the number of listings on the page and make it easier for you to print.


I have questions about the site. How can I contact you?

Send me an e-mail at I will be happy to talk with you.

Owner / webmaster:

Leslie Neal
565 South Mason Road Suite #197
Katy, TX 77450
For all questions regarding web site content and advertising.

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